The inaugural event takes place October 2017, New York City.  A future event is being planned for 2018, Shanghai.


  • Chart a new creative-commercial landscape and forecast its next developments
  • Exchange cultural strategies and inspirations with the most creative and aspirational brands
  • Establish evolving best practices to aid creatives and brand leaders in future collaborations
  • Forge new connections between like-minded innovators

CULTURE™ is an upcoming symposium for conversation among industry experts about the role of brands in creative culture. The event explores the new convergence of art, design, and marketing by bringing together speakers and audiences from across the creative industries. 

The intersection of brands with creative culture has reached critical mass with partnerships large and small, high-profile and behind-the-scenes. We're defining this convergence as Culture™ - a new industry sector with relevance for stakeholders across art, design, advertising, luxury, technology, and entertainment.