Sight Unseen, December 22, 2016

Four Design Calendars that put iCal to Shame: No one NEEDS a physical calendar anymore, but we’ve scouted out four that are about to make you WANT one — two are entirely devoted to contemporary ceramics stars, one is a compendium of images by one of our favorite art directors, and the fourth facilitates world domination against a backdrop of futuristic interiors and flower arrangements. Read more

Hyperallergic, Dec 7, 2016

Artists’ Fascination with the Soft, Tingling Sensations of ASMR: I first saw sasCha mumurZ this summer at Light Touch: the art and science of ASMR, an evening of talks and ASMR performances organized by Samantha Culp of the creative art agency Paloma Powers at the LA gallery Various Small Fires.

“Whenever the ‘art world’ touches the communities of folk art, or even subcultures in general, there’s always a concern about appropriation, but I feel in the recent interweaving of ASMR and art practitioners, there’s been a lot of thoughtful and genuine encounters,” Culp told Hyperallergic. “All of the artists we worked with in the event and exhibition are engaged with ASMR because they are fascinated by its aesthetic techniques and audience impact, and seem to be (thoughtfully) experimenting with those methods to enhance their own practices, and contribute to the ASMR community itself.” Read more

New York Times T Magazine, June 2, 2016

Imaginative Flowers, Designed by Artists — and Available to Order: Contemporary artists from Jeff Koons to Taryn Simon have worked with flowers in exhibition contexts, but Hill believes this is the first attempt at an experimental artist-led flower delivery service. “It’s a bit more utilitarian,” she notes. “While the care that goes into them is every bit as much as a floral sculpture would have, their circulation is much more that of an arrangement or a bouquet. Once they’ve been delivered to someone, it’s up to them what they do.”  Read more

Artnet, June 3, 2016

Coinciding with bb9, Ulman is also participating in a design project initiated by Paloma Powers, which commissioned floral arrangements from a handful of artists, including GCC's Monira Al-Qadiri, Asger Carlsen, Rachel de Joode, and Sara Ludy, which go for between $70-80 each and launching in Berlin tonight.  Read more


Artinfo, June 2, 2016

Flora Powers, while supplies last Artistic branding strategist Paloma Powers has enlisted artists Monira Al Qadiri, Asger Carlsen, Rachel de Joode, Sara Ludy, and Amalia Ulman to design limited-edition floral arrangements available for delivery in Berlin for $70 to $80.  Read more


Sleek Magazine, June 2, 2016

From a bouquet that resembles a deep sea creature to one that is modelled after a pigeon’s nest, there is a bouquet available to fit every and any occasion.  Read more


Modern Weekly, June 11, 2016


Artforum Scene and Herd, March 18, 2015

Not to be confused with the Airbnb pavilion at last year’s Venice architecture biennial, this endeavor, for which two New York–based artists converted a storefront on Hollywood Road, was funded by Airbnb corporate and produced with Paloma Powers. Shawn Maximo provided virtual furnishings and ethereal decor by way of 360-degree projections of glassed-in penthouses, while item idem created a red, white, and black Ikea symphony described by the Swiss Institute’s Simon Castets as “Yayoi Kusama for Ligne Roset on acid.”  Read more

Jing Daily, March 16, 2015

Airbnb (a relative newcomer to Hong Kong) had arguably the most interesting collaboration of Art Basel Hong Kong 2015, an “Art House” that invited guests to relax and network by day and enjoy performances by 11 global performers by night. Reflecting Airbnb’s brand...the Airbnb Art House is an example of creative thinking and leveraging a brand’s strengths and core mission (in this case, accommodations) while providing the right kind of space both for the artist and the audience.  Read more


艺术界 LEAP Magazine, March 2015

Artforum Scene and Herd, May 15, 2014

Is that Bernadette Corporation or K-Hole or upstart conceptual branding strategist Paloma Powers? “Paloma is our alibi,” servant/mastermind Andrea Hill tells me at Duddell’s Monday night...“She’s scarier than Reena Spaulings. She’s a real terrorist bitch.” Paloma missed her connecting flight from Singapore, I’m told, but at the next day’s soft launch for her new office—furnishings by Shawn Maximo, Polycom sound track by Justin Simon—iPad proxies advertise her Twitter-friendly aphorisms: “When every surface becomes a screen, what do you want to stare back at you?”

As with many such organizations, I’m not really sure what the Paloma Powers people do, precisely, but their fable has a certain stickiness and that’s maybe all that matters as we slide down the surface of things.  Read more