Paloma Powers commissioned Shawn Maximo to realize her dream office where she elevates the everyday and invents new audiences for the unexpected.  The space is conceived as an oval, a vagina, an opening into another dimension where all of her passions are engaged. Maximo considered her attraction to water and appreciation of all things fluid when creating her wall-size aquarium.  She is obsessed with tardigrades, microscopic animals that have survived every major earth trauma, yet maintain a blissful co-existence with the planet.  They are extremophiles.

She prefers the most vital, aesthetic, and extreme elements of life.  Tortoise shell (the finishing for her walking treadmill desk), humanely harvested leoporah skin (her cheetah-leopard hybrid rug), ancient turquoise (the sacred stones in her aquarium), crisp rose wine (Paloma's personal vintage), chrome-plated ATM (dispensing 7 currencies including Bitcoin), and art (a marble figure by Jacques Louis David on her desk, Michael Snow's Woman Walking silhouetted in her wall); all are emblematic of her world. She is wonderfully complicated and unapologetic.

"The Office of Paloma Powers"
by Shawn Maximo (2014)