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Culture™ at the Fast Company Innovation Festival

Panel discussion "Understanding Brands as Cultural Patrons" October 26, 2017 at 3pm. Convene 237 Park Ave.


Culture™ Symposium is planned for May 2018, Shanghai. 


CULTURE™ examines the central role of brands in creative culture by establishing a provocative space for conversation.  Culture™ includes a symposium for conversation among industry experts about the role of brands in creative culture and a weekly newsletter serving as the insiders' guide to this growth market.

The intersection of brands with creative culture has reached critical mass with partnerships large and small, high-profile and behind-the-scenes. We're defining this convergence as Culture™ - a new industry sector with relevance for stakeholders across art, design, advertising, luxury, technology, and entertainment.    


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    CULTURE™ Presents:
    Understanding Brands as Cultural Patrons

    Thursday, October 26, 3:00pm
    FastCompany Innovation Festival Convene Space

    Damian Bradfield (President & CMO, WeTransfer)
    Shantell Martin (Artist)
    Julia Kaganskiy (Director, NEW INC at the New Museum)
    Andrea Hill & Samantha Culp (Founders, Culture™)

    From artist-designed sneakers to brand-commissioned creative labs, companies are pursuing collaborations with the arts like never before—but how did we get here, and what does it all mean? Are all artist-brand collaborations created equal, or are there possible best-practices and guidelines for parties entering this complex territory? For this conversation hosted by the FastCompany Innovation Festival, Culture™ focuses on how technology presents new opportunities and challenges.

    Followed by a special hands-on workshop for decision-makers who want to understand and shape best practices for creative collaborations

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    KEYNOTE: Brand as Institution

    A heritage luxury brand shares its motivations behind establishing an art foundation and/or art prize

    PANEL: Art and Fashion: A Passionate Affair

    A conversation between a major retailer, fashion designer, and artist discussing the historical and unique relationship between these two industries

    PANEL: Artistic Principles

    A curator and 2-3 artists discuss how each person defines their personal criteria for considering brand projects

    PANEL: Sponsored Content

    A conversation hosted and moderated by media partner with a major luxury brand and financial institution on new approaches to sponsored content

    KEYNOTE: Brandbivalent Design

    Branding for institutions, Branding for brands presented by a leading design consultancy

    INTERVIEW: Technology Case Study

    A leading tech company in conversation with a new media curator about new digital frontiers with artists


    Selection of Modern Media publications

    Selection of Modern Media publications


    Modern Media is China’s leading periodical publishing group with 3 weeklies and 8 monthlies. Their massively influential lifestyle title is Modern Weekly, with a weekly print circulation of nearly 1 million. LEAP 艺术界  is their monthly art title, founded by former Artforum editors and is one of the leading art magazines in Asia.

    A print publication packed with spotlight projects and a roundup of industry developments will debut at the symposium and be included as a supplement in Modern Weekly’s normal edition.


    Paloma Powers has been covered by the New York Times, T Magazine, Artforum, Modern Weekly, Sight Unseen, Artinfo, PIN-UP, Sleek Mag, Artnet, Jing Daily, among many others.


    Culture™ is led by Paloma Powers, a creative agency and brand consultancy that has developed artist-led projects around the world for diverse clients including

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